The service does not collect any data automatically besides those in cookie files. Cookie files constitute automatic computer data, in particular texts which are stored in a computer of the service user and are to be used by websites of the service. Cookies usually store the name of the website they come from, time of storage on the computer and a unique number. The entity placing the cookie files on the service user’s computer and featuring access to those files is Mardom Home, spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp. k. (limited liability company, limited partnership) situated in Lipniki Stare 27, 06-100 Pułtusk.

Cookie files are used to:

– modify the content of the service websites according to user preferences and optimize websites usage; in particular the files allow to identify the user device and display the content which is adjusted to their individual needs;

– make statistics, which allows to understand how service users use the websites, which helps to improve their structure and content;

– maintain the service user session ( after logging in), due to which the user does not have to log in again after opening another tab;

In many cases, default settings of web browsing software (web browser) are supposed to allow storing cookie files on the user’s device. The users are able to change the cookie files settings at any time. The settings can be changed to automatically block cookie files in browser settings or inform about storing them in the user’s device. Detailed information on how to use cookie files are available in software settings.