The mission of Mardom Home is TO BE ONE STEP AHEAD OF OTHERS.

In our business activity we are guided by organizational culture which has been developed for the past 30 years. We still follow the same rules which helped us to develop the company and become a reliable partner in business. Our priorities are:

Work with passion and involvement

• We do our job with passion and positive attitude.

• We welcome improvements and changes – we ask ‘’how’’ instead of ‘’why’’.

• We do not ignore problems – we look for solutions.


• We work together to accomplish common goals.

• We share our knowledge and use our strengths to achieve common success.

• As a team, we stand as one and hold on to the previously set rules.


• We set ourselves ambitious goals and strive to accomplish them.

• We do not promote internal rivalry, we strive to leave our competition behind.

• We take personal responsibility for our company goals.


• We welcome new solutions, technologies and ideas.

• We value variety of opinions, views and beliefs.

• We listen to the needs of our customers, employees and suppliers – and we base our business relations on them.


• We meet our obligations – deliver what we promised in the right quantity and within the lead time.

• We care about our transparency and objectivity of our motivations which lead us to make decisions and take actions.

• Our communication is rooted in true and objective evaluation of facts. We base our cooperation on respect and ethical behavior.