Family company

Mardom is family business which has been on the market for nearly three decades. Everything started from buying metal curtain rod technology and manufacturing in 1985. All the models were produced in accordance with pattern design of that time. Nonetheless, the production was quickly  reorganized to make wooden curtain rods. Their easy production and classic look made them suitable for numerous interiors. They were pleasant to look at thanks to various lacquering shades possibilities. Roma, the model manufactured at that time, is still to be found among our products.


Initially, the company was a small backyard production place known only in the adjacent areas, which employed 5 people. 30 years of presence on the market resulted in high development and introduction of new technologies. However, the core rules of craft and passion for creating unique products have always accompanied the owners and are passed on from generation to generation. Family is our success.

However, our success is not based on the owners engagement only. It is also the employees, their skills and responsibility. All these made us capable of cooperating with the largest purchasers  and chain stores. Thanks to them we can be guests at your homes all over Poland.

It is estimated that there are 2.2 million active companies in Poland, 60% of which constitute family business. They produce 67% of GDP and hence they make an important segment of the economy. They employ far more people than large concerns. They are important because due to their determination and persistence they are more likely to overcome hardships.

Family business is also an obligation towards the generations who created it and those who are building it now. Such enterprises care little about fast flying time or late evenings. They make their dreams come true in order to have a real chance to influence their and others’ reality.